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I live the dream, singing and writing songs in Nashville. My favorite things (besides music) are thrifting, DIY projects, wine, puppies, and anything vintage.

Fall Florals and Studio Seasons

Fall Florals and Studio Seasons

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Hello my loves! WOW. Sorry to be such a stranger. I felt like I was doing a decent job of staying on top of blog posts there but as soon as my life went into full fledge studio mode I have definitely disappeared and for that I am super sorry.

Life is kinda crazy right now if I’m being honest. In the best way? I think? I’ve been in the studio every day, sometimes putting in 14 hour days pouring my heart and soul into these new songs. It’s a different direction for me, but I’m honestly so in love guys. I can’t can’t wait to share.

And the few hours a day when I’m not in the studio? There have been a bunch of shows and events and a few wild and crazy fun nights but other than that? I’ve been keeping to myself. Moving though this strange and exciting season of my life in quietness. As I’m releasing this new music into the world, it’s almost like I’m shedding the skin of the girl who wrote these songs, who experienced all this pain and drama. The one who loved herself so little (and had no idea btw!!!) that she kept herself in situations that were so damaging, not only to me but to the ones I love the most.

There’s been a ton of reading, a ton of journaling, a lot of long walks in nature and I literally feel like every fiber of my being has been doused in sage and cleansed like a million times. But this is how I’m surviving and this is how I’m kinda thriving. At least starting to.

So excuse my absence, and thank you for understanding. It’s been such an interesting season of life to say the least, and I’m so glad you guys are still here on the journey with me.

Ok now, this DRESS! This was a thrifted goodwill find, a score of the century. For just a few dollars, this flattering silhouette and faded floral pattern has me staying in the pastels of summer just a little longer. FINE with me.

What has this season been like for you guys? Anything you’d like me to be blogging about more?

All my 💖,


Thrifted Dress/Belt (similar here)/Shoes (similar here)/Straw Bag

She's Gonna Listen To Her (Messy Car) Heart

She's Gonna Listen To Her (Messy Car) Heart

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