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Life's a Beach: My week of Songwriting in Destin, FL.

Life's a Beach: My week of Songwriting in Destin, FL.


Even if you're brand new to the blog, you probably know about the deep love I have for my wonderful friend Natalie Stovall.  She's not only the gorgeous talented and successful musician you see on insta, she's also one of the kindest, sweetest, and most fun gals you will ever meet!  We've both been working on some projects that are a little out of the box for us, (more on that soon) so we decided to hop in the car with our bikinis and our guitars (and fiddles!!!) and head to the beach. Get out of town, get out of our heads, and get out of our comfort zones creatively. So that's exactly what we did.  

We stayed in a condo right on the beach in Destin and oh my gosh. I almost can't even describe the joy this week brought me... I posted a pic on instagram our last night in FL and my heart was so full at that moment. Here's what I wrote:

"This week changed me. Sure, I’m dramatic... but it did. I had forgotten so much about myself in all the hustle and the grind.

Like how I never feel more peace than when I stand beside the ocean. @leeannwomack really got that part right. And how I grin like a Cheshire cat when I’m all alone walking on the beach in the sunshine. For real... like a crazy lady, just taking in all the blue sky and breathing in the salty air.

Call it being a water sign, growing up on a Great Lake, or six years on a varsity swim team (I was terrible so it’s only my dad’s claim to fame, not mine) but what a gift to spend a week by the sea, writing songs my creative was seeking, reading books my soul desires, and feeding a friendship my heart truly values. Happy. Girl."

It's true. I didn't even realize the anxiety, the stress, the worry, the fear, all of it had crept into my life in the last few years. People say the music industry will steal your soul and sometimes I think they're right. Well.. at least now I know what to do when I'm starting to feel that way. 

Get. To. The. Water. Stat!

Every day, Natalie and I would eat breakfast and head to the beach. We'd read our books, chat some, take a long walk, and then find a fun happy hour somewhere for dinner. Then we'd head back to the condo, settle in with a glass (or two or three!) of wine and write songs. And oh dear Lord when I tell you I cannot WAIT for you guys to hear these songs. They are crazy. And I love them.  

We put our toes in the ocean. We drank all the Rosé. We ate all the oysters. We watched the sunsets, and we wrote the songs. 

And of course we took all the pics so I have MANY tropical looks coming soon to share with you. I'm so unbelievably thankful for this last week.  Sorry that I disappeared from the blog for a sec but I promise... LOTS of exciting things are happening and I can't wait to share!!!

When you're feeling stressed out, is there a special place you like to go to find some peace? Tell me below in the comments!!!

All my 💖,


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