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ACM Recap. The Good and the MEH

ACM Recap. The Good and the MEH


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So the ACM's were this weekend. Thought I'd hop on here and give you guys my unedited opinion about the show as a whole. So here it is: What I thought was awesome and what I thought was lackluster.

Here are my Top 3 moments from this year's ACMs.

1) Maren Morris singing "Rich"

Ok that freaking dress and that gold mic. YUP.  It couldn't have been more perfect for a Vegas performance. She sounded great as always and the set was super cool. She looked amazing and she seemed so comfortable. ALSO, can I just say that I freaking LOVE that they made her a little matching pocket for her in ear pack. Itโ€™s the little details people!!

2) Miranda Lambert singing "Keeper of the Flame"

Ok she just always wins. Real talent and great songs donโ€™t need crazy sets/stunts/wild stage energy going on. Just a solid performance all around. She looked beautiful and sounded amazing. Rock Star. It also was not lost on me that she seems to be the apparent Keeper of the (country music) flame at the moment. Love love love.

3) Reba and Kelly Clarkson singing "Does He Love You"

Honestly, Im almost not sure why this is on my list. It could be because it was towards the end of the show and my wine was kicking in, (๐Ÿ˜œ) but this performance just made me FEEL something where not many others of the night did. I thought Reba sounded and looked as good as ever. Does she age???!! And when she sings it looks so effortless! Even when sheโ€™s hitting those high notes. And damn can Kelly SING!!!!!! I just thought it was a really special moment between two crazy talented women. And a baller song helps :)

Other standouts:

Kelsea Ballerini singing "I Hate Love Songs": 

Wellโ€ฆ. she was suspended in the air on a giant heart so if sheโ€™s not the new pop princess of country then I donโ€™t think the sky is blue. Girl sounded great and looked beautiful. Literally I LOVE her hair like this and she is so natural on stage. She gave off an "I was born for this" vibe which is badass.  Not sure why she took the dress off though? That was confusing? But I love all things feminine and flowey so that's just me. Overall absolutely adorable and a great performance. 

Midland singing "Drinking Problem":

 I just love these guysโ€™ vibe SO SO much. So fun. And So country. Great song and I just love their commitment to the outfits and the whole western thing. Two thumbs up.

Lauren Alaina singing her freaking butt off:

Damn. I love that she got to sing TWICE and she killed it both times. WHAT A VOICE!

Ok and now for my 3 MEH moments:

Darius Rucker singing "For the First Time".

Song was fine I guess and I love Darius but I'm ready to hear something a little different from him. Didn't make me feel anything. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

Brett Young singing "In Case you Didn't Know"

I mean... somebody give this kid a guitar or something and take away that stool. And was he playing to tracks? No band to be found. I will say he looks like a Ken doll and he had on a cool outfit so there's that.

Brother's Osborne NOT performing

Can I take this one from a MEH moment to a firm What the Hell moment? Does the ACM's not know that we count on Brother's Osbornes' performances at award shows because we need true talent, great tones/taste in music and just general bad assery to combat the abundance of more...let's just call it "commercial music" that is getting most of the spotlight? Without them and other bands/artists like them, well I'll just say it: the whole night just seemed Just my 2 cents. 

And here are my Top 3 Looks of the Night!! 


Credit: John Shearer/WireImage

I LOVED this dress on Jennifer Nettles. Beautiful and fit her like a glove. I thought it played perfectly with her understated hair and makeup. Stunner. I also read that said she was one of the worst dressed on the carpet because it looked too much like a "vintage couch". Ba ha ha that's probably why I loved it!


(Credit: John Shearer/WireImage)

No surprises here: Karen Fairchild looked classic and chic with the right amount of sexy and a touch of whismy with the lyric printed on the skirt. LOVE.


(Credit: John Shearer/WireImage)

This looks was my favorite! Carly Pearce was the belle of the ball in this sweet number.  Fit her so perfectly and she looked radiant and absolutely beautiful. 

Final Thoughts:

I thought the show was ok overall. A lot of nice, fun moments and a few stellar performances but maybe a little boring. For me I could have used a little more rock and roll. I also thought the ladies showed up in a big way and outshone the men a bit. 

I've heard that some outlets are saying there could have been more time given in tribute to those lost, the families of, first responders and all who were affected by the Vegas shooting. And while I think there could have been more time devoted to that, that ultimately comes down to the way the show was scripted and is not at all a reflection on whether the artists thought it deserved more time. In other words, it seemed like hearts were in the right place. 

What did you guys think of the ACM's this year? What was your fav or least fav moments? Tell me below in the comments!

All my ๐Ÿ’–,


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