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Who Runs the World: Emily Reid

Who Runs the World: Emily Reid

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About a month ago in this blog post, I talked to you guys about how I had been struggling with THE GIRL issue in Nashville. You know the one. About how we're "hard to break at radio" so record companies are less likely to sign us to pub deals, sign us to record deals or release singles to country radio. I was struggling because we TALK about supporting women all the time. But I didn't actually feel like I was personally doing anything about it.

Because at the moment, I'm not in a position to take a female out of the road to open up for me, because I'm not doing a ton of touring right now. Obviously I'm not a label executive, so I can't sign and support creative young women to assure that in 10 years, Nashville doesn't have the problem it does today.  But I can take a damn good instagram pic. And that ain't nothing kids.

So I decided to start a series featuring women that I believe in whole heartedly. Women that I know are gonna change the game.  So on today's Who Runs the World, I'm talking about one of my best friends, the amazing talented and just delight of a human being, Emily Reid.

Em originally hails from Canada but has made her home here in Nashville. We first met at a smoky dive bar on the East side and I was instantly like, "this is a gal I could drink a lot of wine with." She's upbeat, hilarious, beautiful and an absolute joy to be around. And then I heard her sing.

Emily not only has a voice that can do anything, her songwriting you guys... It's brutally honest, it's outrageous and it's SO MUCH FUN. 

One of her song's you HAVE to check out is called "The Right One". It's about waiting and wondering when you are finally gonna meet that person who changes it all for you.

"Lately love's been hard to find in a God damned bar in the middle of the night.

With pick up lines, pick up trucks, pick me up but they don't know that I am...

Hanging on till the right one comes."

In another ER fan favorite "Jennifer Aniston", Em convinces you that you can get over that "loser you're with" because after all, "Jennifer Aniston got over Brad Pitt." Classic Emily. 

AND she has a song "Middle Fingers" that she shot the most ironically amazing music video for. It's coming out soon so stay tuned! I MIGHT make a cameo and there's DEFINITELY choreography. πŸ˜³  It's rad.

Emily Reid is one of my favorite artists and is sure to be one of your favs too.  Do yourself a favor and go check out her instagram where you can keep up with all things ER. Very exciting stuff is coming very soon.

Check back for part two of Emily Reid on Who Runs the World. Coming Soon!

Who are some other female artist's you'd like to see featured here? Let me know in the comments!

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