Ruthie Collins


I live the dream, singing and writing songs in Nashville. My favorite things (besides music) are thrifting, DIY projects, wine, puppies, and anything vintage.

"Cigarettes" Acoustic Video: NEW SONG

"Cigarettes" Acoustic Video: NEW SONG

I wrote this song with best bud/guitar player Wes Harllee. We were hanging in my airstream trying to figure out what we wanted to write that day. We knew we wanted to write something pretty classic country but were getting a little stuck. We stepped outside for some fresh air and as we were having a chat Wes nonchalantly starts to roll up a cigarette. And I was like "ohhhh yooooooooou cool."

And that's how this song was born. I love it. I hope you do too.

All my πŸ’–,


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