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The Power of a Morning Routine (and why I get a little cray when I skip it)

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So what's the first thing you do in the am? COFFEE, take the dog for a walk, check your insta feed? I've told you recently a little bit about my morning routine but it's become SO important to me that I thought I'd break it down for you!

(TRUTH TIME:  this is my morning routine when absolutely everything goes according to plan. So I'd say realistically that's 5-6 mornings a week.)

So my alarm goes off everyday at 8 am. I know, I know. I am ridiculously lucky to be able to sleep till 8 am most days. My work does call for some late nights at times and also I'm a VATA and we need our sleep!!!

I hop (ok drag myself) out of bed and head straight for the coffee maker. But BEFORE I have that first delicious cup of heaven, I try to make myself drink a hot lemon water. (I hear that's good for you and shit. πŸ˜‚) But after that, coffee is on! And I usually mix two scoops of collagen peptides into my coffee AND I recently gave up dairy (tears) so I'm drinking that coffee black these days.

Then I shuffle into my home office and get comfy on the day bed with the pups. (Who've also been fed and let out and snuggled at this point.) I read one chapter of the book that you allllll know I'm so obsessed with. This immediately gets my head on straight and ready for all the positive thoughts all day long. SOOOOO important. If you haven't read this book yet, just get ready. It will change everything.

After a little reading I do my journaling. You guys probably remember me talking about this in my blog about facing fear. Sometimes I call it my dream journal. I basically just write down all the things I want in my life, career, love, family, whatever it is, and I write it down as if I already have it and am SO grateful for it. So an example might be "I am the CMA Best New Artist Winner." FOR REAL. You gotta go big here guys, ask for what you REALLY want. 

Lately thought, I've realized that I've had a little bit of a "death grip" on my music career these last few years. I had a picture of how I thought it was supposed to go and that was the only acceptable way. And there was so much fear there. So I'm trying to be open to God's plan for my music and not try to shove my plan in his face so much. ( I mean, really... who do I think I am??!!) So a different angle I'm trying lately might look more like "I accept the career as a country singer that is mine by my Divine Right, under grace." That gives the Big Guy some more room to get in there and do His thing. And so far it's been SO COOL to watch. The more I let go in faith, the better opportunities I'm being given! 

I usually end up filling about 4 pages a day. The reading and the journaling take about 30 minutes together.

Next is the meditation. I kept hearing VERY successful entrepreneurs calling meditation the number one thing you can do for your health and your wealth and I was like, ok gotta be something here. I recommended the Calm app to you guys before, recently I tried out Headspace and I might like it even better! Both are amazing though if you need some help getting started on the meditation journey. What I have seen since I started meditating (about a month ago) is quicker intuition time. Basically, I feel like I'm hearing my insticts when it comes to decision making coming through much louder and quicker. I used to kind of hemm and haww about decisions but this has really helped me listen to my gut and take action.

After meditating, I move my body. This  could be a hot yoga class when I'm being really good or as simple as walking the dogs around the block. Stretching, a little yoga at home or one of  beach body 12 minute work outs, something to wake up my body before I dive into work. 

Ok so there's one rule. (A rule that I'm constantly breaking but I'm trying to stick to 😭😭😭...) No checking my phone until the routine is OVER. Ugggh. So hard. If I check instagram this whole process  can take 3-4 times as long as if I don't. I also think it's really important to create before you consume and not vice versa.

And that's it! Since having a morning routine I've felt clearer, happier and much more efficient! Here's a book my gal Bethany reccomended on why a morning routine is life changing. It's definetly on my list to check out. Also check out this vid on On of the Most Inspiring Speeches on the Power of The Morning Routine and Facebook Depression. It's suuuuuuper interesting.

Do you guys have a morning routine? What's it look like?

All my πŸ’–,



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