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My 4th of July Goodwill Challenge

My 4th of July Goodwill Challenge


Yesterday I had some time off. That should be a normal statement but I recently realized I hadn't had a day off since I got back from Mexico. So not a single day off the whole month of June. Whew. And ya know, a few years ago I would've been pretty prideful about that. I definitely thought working THE hardest, not ever sleeping, not taking vacation time, or time for myself at all and just constantly working on my career and serving others made me badass. Ehhhhh... now that just kinda sounds sad.

And while I am grateful for the very intense work ethic that was instilled into me as a kid, and I know that when times get crazy I can push through and always get the job done, I don't think that makes me better anymore. In fact, if I keep that up very long, that actually makes me worse.

I've learned that if I actually want to be my best, and be the best version of myself possible, I need rest. Sleep! Play. Yoga. Meditate. I need to do my morning routine. When I've done those things and my tank is all filled up, that's when I can serve my people at my highest level possible. So bye bye month of June. Sorry I let you get SO out of control but I'm back and mindfully trying to play catchup while taking care of some self care first.

Ok so let's talk about my little day off! I decided to take myself on a Goodwill date! And once I was there, I decided to challenge myself to put together a super cute 4th of July look ALL from Goodwill. And man did I score!!!

These red shorts were originally from Old Navy and still had the tags on them! They are high waisted and have a vintagey pin up feel which I LOVE. The shoes are Levi's brand and came from a Goodwill trip a few months back but hey that counts right? And the cute little gingham button down? I was checking out up front a little bummed that I hadn't really found a good top and BAM. There it was hung up behind the counter. Someone had just decided that they didn't want it. I was like yup gimme that cutie. Done and Done. 

So what'd I spend? Here's my breakdown.

Shorts: $2.99

Shirt: $4.99

Shoes: $4.99 on the first Saturday sale so there were actually $2.50!

So this whole outfit comes in just over $10. Happy Freaking Birthday America to me!

Should I do more Goodwill challenges? I could totally get into this.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th! I'mma go jump in Nikita's pool now.

All my πŸ’–,


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