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Why Breaking the Rules is Fun (Just ask Kristen Bell)

Why Breaking the Rules is Fun (Just ask Kristen Bell)

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Sometimes we have to learn to break our own rules? Why? 'Cause why not? Why do we chose certain decisions for ourselves and then somewhere down the road, they become our truths?

A very small example of this for me: I don't wear black. I haven't worn black (with the exception of black jeans recently and black yoga pants) for at least ten years. My reason was always that it reminded me of all the years I spent as a waitress dressed in black. It always made me feel like I should be running around grabbing coffee or extra ketchup for tables. And that wasn't a part of my life that I particularly wanted to relive. So... no black. So weird. But beyond that, I did like that I had a style, a look that was my own. Only wearing earth toned and usually lighter colors did make me stand out in a crowd and as a female county artist, that can be a good thing. 

But being a little older and wiser now, I try not to hold onto these truths that I've created for myself. Now, if I find something I like, I wear it. No rules. Black, Red, Orange. I also had a thing against rompers, mostly cause they made me feel fat. Welp. Throw that rule right out the window! This one just made me feel comfy! And I found it at Goodwill for $4.49 and that made me feel..... AWESOME. πŸ˜œ

Another rule I adopted for myself that I'm shedding because it's a bold faced lie that I told myself? The myth that I have to work myself to the bone to get ahead in this business and that I don't need to take care of myself, I just needed to prove I'm always the hardest worker in the room. Definitely not a rule I care to follow anymore. It's ok to sleep when I'm tired, to take a break when I need to eat, to ask for help when I need it. Whew. For a rule follower like me, this is still hard.

Speaking of rule followers, I've always thought that it was interesting that I was a rule follower who still occasionally liked to have a good time and MAYBE even get into a little trouble. My friend sent me THIS podcast the other day of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell having an argument on his show. It was so fasinating to listen to. I recommend you check it out for sure! You can find it here. Kristen Bell had a great point about this rule breaker/trouble maker phenomenon. She called it the Rule of Suffering. Follow the rules that if you broke would mean that someone would suffer. But if no one is going to suffer even a little bit, break the damn rule. Hmmmm... Interesting Point Veronica Mars. I like it.

So... I encourage you! To step out of your comfort zone a bit. Do you have any silly rules in your life that might be holding you back? It's cool to break them just a bit. You dare devil you. πŸ˜˜

πŸ’– always,


PS I couldn't find anything super spot on similar to this one so I'm linking to three rompers that I love!

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