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My (πŸ‘‘) Reba Recap!!!

My (πŸ‘‘) Reba Recap!!!


I was SUPER lucky to be able to open up a couple shows these past few weeks for the incomparable Reba McEntire. I mean... when it comes to female country super star legends, it doesn't get much better than Reba. And ya know how everybody loves it when celebrities are actually super kind and lovely in person? Yup. That's definitely how this story ends.

The first show I played with Reba was in Interlochen, MI. My mom and sister Stephanie actually drove in all the way from Fredoina to see the show which made it even more special. I was coming off of about four days in a row of only about four hours a sleep a night. (Many late night shows plus early flights put together.) Needless to say, I wasn't in my best shape vocal wise or just all around energy level. But man when we pulled into that beautiful venue right on the lake it definitely hit me. In that moment I really felt like "Who's dream life am I living right now???!!! Ohhhh.... It's MINE!!!"  I tried to stop and look around a lot that day, take it all in and feel SO very grateful for the opportunity I was being given. 

The crowd was amazing and it was SO special to have family there on a night like that. I could go on and on about how kind and sweet Reba's crew was to me. Just over and above on all the levels. I felt so taken care of and I think that's because THEY are so taken care of.

And then I got to meet her! It was very cute. Quite a few of Reba's crew came up to me after my meet and greet to tell me that she had been looking for me backstage. Ummmm.... What? THE REBS? Looking for me? So we set up a little meeting after her set. 

Y'all. SHE WAS SO NICE. She told me how great I was, told me how much she enjoyed the set and having me out. And I'm pretty sure I mumbled something like "You. Fancy. Redhead. Inspiration." Maybe not in that order. Who knows. It was a super cool moment and we got a pic for the gram LIKE YOU DO!!!

And can we talk about her set? 'Cause girl's still got it for sure. She sang her butt off for a 90 minute high energy set. It was so inspiring to hear SO many hits! Wow. Just Wow. And what an incredible band she has. Those players are all legends in their own right.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I got to do it all again except this time I get to bring my loves Vickie and Sam and we got an hour set instead of 30 minutes! Woo hoo!!! This time we played the Fraze Pavillion in Kettering, OH. Once again, we were treated like royalty by that crew and I gotta tell you that is not the case usually. 

AND! While we were sound checking, who walks out on the stage???!! Oh yes that's right. Reba. My good bud Ri Ri... (Pretty sure she probably doesn't want me to call her that so I'mma stop) She gives me a big ole hug and tells me how nice it is to see me again. We chat, I play it cool, I try to ignore that fact that my lip sweat is coming off my face in torrential divets. It's cool. 

Guys, we've opened for SO many acts. You hardly EVER get to meet the headliner, let alone do they take time to come check out your sound check to say hey! (Side note, our bud James, Reba sound guy extraordinaire was like "Duuuuuuuude. She never does that." SO COOL.

Long story short, we had another great night, the crew was THE BEST to us, the audience was wildly supportive, the meet and greet was tight, we had a blast, and then wrapped the whole thing up with sups delish root beer floats cause catering life is the life for me. 

Soooooo.... Reba, Rebs, Ri Ri, my girl.... You are THE coolest. Thanks so much for taking a chance on a little Western NY gal. It was dream life. Let's do it again sometime, yeah?

All my πŸ’–,


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